Bigfoot Casted Prints

Authentic REPLICA Casts of Juvenile Bigfoot Prints 

Discovered & Casted By Yours Truly: Lee Woods, with over 13 years experience in field research to find the truth about the legendary creature we know as Bigfoot!


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**Product Disclosure : Photos shown are of the Original castings of what we believe to be a Juvenile Bigfoot. Cast Product may differ in color & Texture do to being a REPLICA of the originals!

                                                   PRODUCT INFO:

These prints were found & casted in the Uwharrie Mountain Range in North Carolina, by researcher Lee Woods. 

Exact Location: UNKNOWN

They were discovered in the Summer of the year 2020.

Measurements: 3 Inches Long by 2 Inches Wide 

Weather conditions when discovered: Cloudy, Overcast & damp do to rain days prior.

There have been sightings of the legendary creature all over the Uwharrie Mountain Range dating back to the 1940's. 

                                   Uwharrie Mountain Range History :

According to geologists , the Uwharrie Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America found in North Carolina. As one of the oldest ranges, the Uwharries have more archeological sites per acre than any other forest in the southeast. There have been numerous sightings of the creature known as Bigfoot dating back to when the Indian tribes roamed the land. While Dinosaurs may have roamed those 20,000-foot summits, the Uwharries remain. They were once a coastal mountain range, they are now 150 miles from the coast do to isostasy slowly raising the eastern seabed. The Uwharries were formed over 500 million years ago. They were thought to have once peaked at some 20,000 feet before eroding to a maximum of just over 1,100 ft. In 1799 the discovery of Gold in Cabarrus county let to Americas first gold rush!


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