It’s A Beautiful World Nature’s Nutty Caramel Blend

Woods Walker Coffee & Products


Our Nature’s Nutty Caramel Blend is made by us. It’s a City/ Medium roast made from the finest coffee beans from around the World! Our coffee has a bold smooth taste without the bitter aftertaste you get with most coffee. 
Nature’s Nutty Caramel Blend has a wonderful sweet aroma with a casual Nutty Caramel flavor & is pleasant to drink with or without cream. Although, we recommend a hint of plain cream to help bring out the aromas & hints of flavor that may otherwise hide from your awaiting taste buds! Our coffees can be brewed with a French press, pour over, Keurig, regular drip or even a percolator over an open fire ! 
Our Nature’s Nutty Caramel Blend is sure to please your taste buds. 


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